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Did Elvis Go To Heaven Or Hell?

5-13-06 Questions, Said Rutger Hauer in "BLADE RUNNER"

Yesterday I was reading another biography of Elvis Presley whose tragic life has so consumed me the past 5 years or so and I came across the question at the head of this page: Did Elvis go to Heaven or Hell? Apparently this question has labored the minds & consciences of millions since the death of The King of Rock & Roll on 16 August 1977. I understand that this question concerning Elvis's eternal status in the beyond has not only vexed those Evangelical Southern Fried Chicken Christians but also rank & file Unbelievers. They also are greatly concerned for the eternal Soul of Elvis Aron Presley. And this is a telling datum on the whole business of Superstar or Celebrity and metaphysics and religion and of course America itself above all. For Elvis Presley was he who became America's Soul circa 1956 and never stopped being so. He as it were assumed the mantle of America. He incarnated America in the flesh. Elvis came down to Earth to put on the garment of American flesh and blood and hope and Suffering and thus his death was sacramental as his life was an Allegory as the poet John Keats once wrote the life of the poet is an Allegory.

Elvis passed out of his mortal flesh at the tender age of 42. But from all the written accounts he had already died long before that. He had ceased desiring women which surely is one of the fundamental signs of Being Alive. For years Elvis had thrived on popping drugs morning afternoon and night. He slept days and lived it up nights. And he always had a trophy woman within striking range. But in those tragic latter years he was content to have his lady lie beside him in the bed watching t.v. and going to get his pitcher of water & his pills. He had no more desire for sex and love. He was by this time a Musical Machine. And also a Cash Cow for several people. He still commanded tremendous fees for live performances and received tremendous sums from record companies from the cash sales for his recordings. He was only 42 but his closest friends had seen death coming for a long time. There was always something slightly Un-Human about Mr. Presley from the age of 21 since he began taking immense quantities of Speed in the army. He always stood apart. He was The King of Rock & Roll. And he could drive an audience into the sea of Frenzy when he began to strum his guitar and sing his songs and swivel his hips. The women began to shriek and throw their arms about in ecstatic cries of sexual delirium the minute Elvis ascended the stage. No other singer in history commanded a crowd of women like Elvis did. He was their one and only God. And therefore when He died they denied his death. Had to. Of course! The God never dies. Many of them of course knew he died. They were aware that he had shuffled off his mortal coils. But He remained Elvis Presley. How to square THAT with The Facts.

Did Elvis go to Heaven or Hell asked these people. Because wherever Elvis went they were bent on going down the same path. Heaven and Hell somehow became realer with the death of Elvis Presley. NOW it must mean something truly real. How could it not if it took Elvis into its domain? There must be something here that we did not previously understand. Elvis' death threw the whole world of religion into immediate Limbo as it were. For all of a sudden everyone was there with Elvis. First inside the box in Memphis. And from there to wherever that Great Carriage carried the soul of Elvis Aron Presley. Thus, men and women were ripped out of their comfortable atheistic lives. For, truthfully speaking, everybody in decent health is essentially an atheist 24-7-365. O sure, some people mumble a few prayers before meals & once in a while might get down on their knees before they go to bed just to cover the bases. But in the day light of money song & sex boys & girls & men & women are all slaves of Moloch. But the minute Elvis' death came over the inter com of The World a strange new obsession penetrated the whole world of The Elvis Worshippers. They could never again be the same. Nothing would ever again resemble Reality Pre-Elvis. There would only be Post-Elvis and Pre-Elvis to the True Believers. Like pre-lapsarian & post-lapsarian humankind. Those who lived before The Fall & those who came after.

Is Elvis in Heaven or Hell? And if so will He stay there or is this a volatile situation? (Or, has Elvis been Re-incarnated as the Dalai Lama claims to be the Way of Death)? Elvis himself had begun experimenting with the ideas of those who practiced various forms of immortality. He had not arrived himself at any hard and sound and safe place that we know of. We do know this: Elvis Presley drove the Question of Immortality into the brains & hearts & souls of his listeners as no man had accomplished since the death of Jesus. This is an experience that does not translate onto The White Page. It does not fit comfortably inside the vowels & consonants of Written American English. Somehow it is closer to the language Elvis himself spoke---the inimitable & forever mysterious language of music---The Melody. And we cannot go beyond it. It is futile for us to try. Did Elvis go to heaven or to hell? What a stupid question. What is Heaven and Hell? Are they a place? And who has any control over it? And once there should it be a place you can get out of and go to the other place and vice versa? There is no book of Rules on this subject. This is a realm of Superstition and Legend. Elvis fans will have to find new ground to break for their own souls. The King of Rock & Roll is not coming back for an en core.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, you should be asking yourself whether anyone has gone to Heaven. The Bible creates a picture that no one will go until Judgment comes.

Specifically about Elvis. We cannot know what his personal relationship was with God. He could have repented before his death. But that doesn't mean he won't be judged. And it doesn't mean he won't go to Hell. Just know that the idea of thinking Elvis will go to Heaven shines a lot of false hope on those who might be led to believe that living a large sinful life can still get you there.

Elvis committed a large dose of idolatry. He was a walking IDOL. He glorified himself WILLFULLY. No one made him do it. He chose the path he took. He had "SELF" in the heart every time he gave a sweaty towel to a screaming fan (which was a lady). He committed adultery. He also broke his vowel by putting himself on a stage where women drooled over him. He was doing Satan's work. And he likely brought many AWAY from God. You must know that in this world, the brightest "God" is Satan. And many people worship him thinking its the real God. It is not. Elvis did a very bad thing. If I had truly found God while being famous, I would have announced it to the public and quit my career. This would have been the ultimate example and honor to God. Elvis did not do these things. I myself was an excellent musician on a stage. I found God. I quit. To this day, some people don't understand why I "threw away" my talent. I told them that if I couldn't use a talent to glorify God, then I don't consider it a talent. Doing the devil's work can look beautiful to others. But it is still SIN.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the word of God to be the authority on spiritual matters of life and death as I hope you do also.

When I look at Elvis Presley's life in light of God's word I tremble at the clear and explicit implications and I rejoice that God actually created twins for a reason and important spiritual lesson in life. I know for a fact that when I go to heaven I will see Jesse Presley, who was stillborn at birth, and may resemble Elvis Presley if they were identical twins.

As for Elvis Presley there is a staggering amount of biblical context that preclude him from heaven. There is no clause, provision, loophole, pass, or even wishful thought biblically that would have allowed him into heaven. Many texts can be cited but I want to sum up briefly what the bible clearly teaches about "who" gets to heaven.

The Bible clearly teaches that we cannot pursue living our best life on earth filled with pleasures and riches, making no sacrifice of self denial, the taking up of our cross and being crucified with Christ, dying to ourselves and suffering the despisement of the world which rejects Christ, and expect to enter heaven.

No amount of goodwill, piety, generosity, sweetness, religiosity, pleasing others or singing gospel songs will ever stand as a test for being a true Christian. Seeing no objective fruit of repentance and seeing someone living their best opulent life on earth now should be a dead give away as to what they have in store for eternity.

Having conducted years of research on Elvis' life I clearly understand the magnitude and bigger than life legacy and staggering achievements of the man, but any true Christian who puts the word of God above and beyond his biases, feelings and sentiments has to biblically conclude that Elvis Presley lost his soul.

To affirm that hard truth one has to just remember the final moments of Elvis Presley on earth. He was living in fornication with Ginger Alden and while heavily drugged he went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and was looking at a book. According to the investigative team on the scene that book was not the bible as others claimed. It was a porn magazine. Elvis was found with his pajama pants down, as he had collapsed from the toilet to his death and the descriptive tragedy the investigative team gave was that Elvis, when he felt or saw death coming for him, threw the magazine at the angel of death in terror and collapsed and slipped into eternity.

That is the last image of the legacy of the decadent, arrogant, narcissistic, god mocking, drug dependent, insatiably lustful so called king of rock and roll.

He had it all on earth and embraced false religions and in death he missed heaven which is promised and reserved for those who deny themselves, are contrite and poor in spirit and long only to please God on a daily basis, and in pleasing God demonstrate the fruits that true repentance bring forth.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elvis is definitely in hell for eternity. He earned it

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me see here. You have judged Elvis and referred to him in a horrible way. You have called him several horrible names. You seem so sure that you are going to heaven? If you want to get there you can first and foremost not judge other people and that includes Elvis who over worked himself in order to make his fans happy.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Anthony Sterio said...

elvis was a strong believer in the lord he has repented before he died and jesus took him home so he can rest so who are you to judge for you will be judged the same measurementat least he got it right with the lord before he went home

6:13 AM  
Blogger Anthony Sterio said...

elvis was a strong believer in the lord he has repented before he died and jesus took him home so he can rest so who are you to judge for you will be judged the same measurementat least he got it right with the lord before he went home

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like many today, Elvis was a false convert. He considered himself a man of God, but he was Satan's instrument in the end.

The the poster that started his comment off with:

"I believe the word of God to be the authority on spiritual matters of life and death as I hope you do also."

You are absolutely right brother, and your words have touched my soul. God used your comment to turn me from a path that goes to destruction. Thank you!


8:16 PM  
Blogger James said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I am a fan of Elvis Presley hence i have a soft corner for him but, just tell me one thing didnt the lord had taught us not to judge others then why you are commenting like this. let the lord decide who's wrong and who's right.

may Christ rest Elvis Presley's soul in peace whether in heaven, hell or earth.

9:17 AM  
Blogger glen gurnari said...

What your saying is true Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life Elvis did not live the life of a Christian he never repented of his rock and roll lifestyle and died in his sin

3:59 AM  
Blogger glen gurnari said...

Wow you have really hit the nail on the head.. the Bible says what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God Presley reveled in his sin and even in the end was a slave to it

4:07 AM  

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